We're Back!

The clouds are rolling back, and soon we will be singing together again!
08 August 2022

We’re Back!

The clouds are rolling away!

I’m not really old enough to remember the 1946 musical that sang about waiting until the clouds rolled by, but I sure can relate to the sentiment.

Right now, I feel the sun breaking through as we mark our calendars for the opening rehearsal of the Ozarks Chorale’s 2022 Fall Season. My fingers are tingling with excitement as I type this! There is so much to be thrilled about – like, for instance, Jess Wade, our new conductor and artistic director! And how about our new rehearsal space in the fellowship hall of the First United Methodist Church (on Highway 23 as you head south out of Eureka Springs)? What a joy it will be to see Ellen Stephenson again and hear her marvelous accompaniments, to open the folders of music assembled by Karen Masters, and to fill out fresh new data sheets for the Chorale records. But most thrilling of all will be seeing each of you – former members, new members, long-lost members, friends or frenemies of members – this is going to be extraordinary! Do No Miss It! See you Tuesday, September 13, at 6:30!